The SECRET STEPS to create your thriving wellness business, find your dream clients, and build a legacy.

 Women in Wellness Leadership Series 

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Learn How To's from Leading Women on a Mission to Serve You!

  • Explode your business and create a movement with workshops, retreats and events!
  • Create and perfect your signature program - It's easier than you think!
  • Want an influential membership site? We've got you covered!
  • Learn how to Build your tribe - attract YOUR ideal client to have even more impact!
  •  Start Thriving in your practice today!

This is the perfect time for women in wellness to rise! 

Join us as we gather together to learn the EXACT tools you need. SIGN UP NOW.  

Who's Joining The Conversation... 

JJ Virgin, Triple-board certified nutrition expert and Fitness Hall of Famer

Kerry Tepedino, Leading Health Coach

Maria Whalen, Creator of the Invincible Wellness System 

Debi Silber, Founder of The PBT (Post Betrayal Institute) 

Maggie Berghoff, Functional Medicine Nurse Practitioner and Peak Performance Expert 

Nathalie Doremieux, Business Coach for entrepreneurs who teach online. 

Dr. Meghan Walker, Naturopathic Doctor & Entrepologist 

Judy Seeger, Disease Free Detox Specialist

Lisa Druxman, Founding Mom of FIT4MOM

Sammy Blindell, CVO (Chief Visionary Officer)

Shay Wheat, Certified International Event Producer

Sheree Clark, Midlife Courage Coach 

Lisa Pezik, Business Strategist & Digital/Content Marketing Expert 

J’aime Radow, Personal Brand Alchemist 

Jasper Dayton, Brand Builder 

Krystal Jackson, Jackson Strength Academy

Susie Bills, Anti-Aging Lifestyle Expert 

Summer Peterson, Founder of BodySoulShine, Weight Loss Coach 

Dr. Krista Burns, Founder of the American Posture Institute 

Dr Keesha Ewers, Integrative Medicine Expert

Dr. Amber Krogsrud, Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

Leah Lund, Holistic Health Coach, Creator of One Whole Health

Christy Westerfield, Attorney

Hollie Tkac, Messaging Strategist & Copy Queen

This is not just any other series...

...this is the beginning of a MOVEMENT for WOMEN IN WELLNESS! We launched in June and because it was SOOOOOOO good, we decided to keep it going! Sign up for a bundle of FREE tips, resources, and strategies coming straight to your inbox. This is about women rallying together as a TRIBE, supporting one another by sharing tools and tips so that we can all create optimal businesses and optimal lives.  


This free series will continue and each month you will receive additional speakers and resources, with EASY and MANAGEABLE strategies to turn your striving practice into a THRIVING practice.